Turbo Architecture 7.0 FAQs

AreaFAQ Title
Conversion Do I have to convert my architecture when I upgrade?
  Path/File Access Error When Converting
  Should I convert midway through an architecture development?
  Should I upgrade to the latest version of Turbo?
  Turbo compatibility with newer architecture versions?
  Unrecognized database format during conversion
  Will I lose my extensions during conversion?
  Will Turbo read very old (e.g. V1.0 or V1.1) files?
Installation Another Version of This Product is Already Installed
  Turbo Installation won't replace newer DLLs.
General Dealing with Very Large Architectures
  High DPI Compatibility Issues
  How do I get the latest Turbo version?
  Microsoft Access 2000 Compatibility
  Turbo Hardware/Software requirements
Menu - File ADO Provider Not Found on New/Open
  Run-Time Error 75 on New/Open
Menu - Outputs Blank Content Tab During Document Setup
  Changing Interconnect Status
  Invisible Diagrams on Digital Projector
  Line Style Problem in PDF Diagrams
  PNG and TIF Diagrams not Visible in other Applications
  Producing Context Diagrams
  Reducing Diagram Complexity
  Report Export in Word Format missing data
  Runtime error 429/Active x control could not create object
  Subsystem and Terminator Diagram Symbols?
  Turbo Architecture Publication
Tab - General Tabs are "Cut off" on the Display
Tab - Start Importing Regional Architectures
  Phantom 'In Region' Status
  SP Instances not Merged by Project to Region
Tab - Inventory Multiple Stakeholders
Tab - Services Missing Elements in Service Package mapping
  Replacement Flows in Service Package Diagrams
  Service Package Customization not Supported
Tab - Interfaces Add field equipment flows between different stakeholders
  Invalid Characters in Turbo Names
  When Does Turbo Remove Flows From Interface Tab
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