APTS11-Multimodal Connection Protection




This service package supports the coordination of multimodal services to optimize the travel time of travelers as they move from mode to mode (or to different routes within a single mode). A near term function supported by this service package would be for a single transit agency to coordinate crossing routes so that passengers on one route would have the opportunity to transfer with minimum wait time to another route within the same transit system. The next level of complexity of this service package would be for this coordination to occur across transit agencies, or between transit agencies and other modes of transportation. The most advanced functions of this service package would be to track the route of an individual traveler and ensure that connections are properly scheduled on an individual basis. This final capability represents a long-term functionality, which could be managed either through an Information Serviced Provider or through a Transit Management subsystem.

Includes Elements

BCTA Transit Management Center
BCTA Transit Vehicles
PAAC Transit Vehicles
Regional Transit Agency Offices
Regional Transit Vehicles
PAAC Operations Center