APTS04-Transit Fare Collection Management (ConnectCard System)




This service package manages transit fare collection on-board transit vehicles and at transit stops using electronic means. It allows transit users to use a traveler card or other electronic payment device. Readers located either in the infrastructure or on-board the transit vehicles enable electronic fare payment. Data is processed, stored, and displayed on the transit vehicle and communicated as needed to the Transit Management Subsystem. Regional transit agencies participating in the ConnectCard fare management system are the Port Authority, Butler Transit, FACT, MMVTA, Westmoreland Transit, and WCTA (Freedom Transit, as of Jan 2016).

Includes Elements

PAAC Offices
PAAC Remote Traveler Support
PAAC Transit Vehicles
Regional Transit Agency Offices
Regional Transit Vehicles
MMVTA Transit Vehicles
MMVTA Offices
MMVTA Remote Traveler Support
Transit Fare Payment - ConnectCard