Objective 2.3


Maintain mobility of traffic for special events


Facilitate the management of traffic for special events 


Regional Operations Plan

Associated Service Packages

ATIS01: Broadcast Traveler Information
ATIS01: Broadcast Traveler Information (Regional Transit)
ATMS01: Network Surveillance
ATMS01: Network Surveillance (Cranberry TMC)
ATMS01: Network Surveillance (PennDOT Western Region TMC)
ATMS01: Network Surveillance (PTC Toll Road/Plazas)
ATMS06: Traffic Information Dissemination (General)
ATMS16: Parking Facility Management
ATMS16: Parking Facility Management (Pittsburgh Parking Authority)
ATMS21: Roadway Closure Management
ATMS21: Roadway Closure Management (Wabash HOV Facility)
EM04: Parkway Service Patrols (PennDOT D11)
EM04: Roadway Service Patrols