Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC)


The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission maintains and operates a 550-mile tolled highway network also known as the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The Pennsylvania Turnpike 'Mainline' - I-76 - is a key transportation route within the state and a vital link in the transportation network of the eastern United States. The Turnpike contains 57 fare-collection facilities, 21 service plazas and two traveler information centers, 21 maintenance facilities, 8 State Police barracks, and 5 tunnels. For more information, visit the PTC's website ( 

The Turnpike Mainline provides one of three primary east-west interstate corridors transiting the southwestern Pennsylvania region, along with I-70 and I-376. I-76 also provides the northern connection of a regional interstate beltway circumnavigating the Pittsburgh urbanized area.

Associated Inventory

PTC Field Devices
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PTC Traffic Operations Center (PTC Ops Center)