Pennslyvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is the Commonwealth's statewide transportation agency responsible for building, maintaining, and operating the state's roads, bridges and tunnels. PennDOT consists of a single Central Office and 11 District Offices throughout the state. PennDOT's Central Office oversees statewide operations and is responsible for coordination of transportation services between the 11 Districts. PennDOT's District Offices are responsible for the design, operation, maintenance, and construction of state highways and bridges in their respective districts. For more information, visit the PennDOT website (

Group Includes

PennDOT Central Offices
PennDOT District Eleven
PennDOT District Ten
PennDOT District Twelve

Associated Inventory

Adjacent PennDOT District Offices
PennDOT Field Devices - State
PennDOT Field Devices - District One
PennDOT Field Devices - District
PennDOT District Maintenance Vehicles
PennDOT Statewide TMC
PennDOT County Maintenance Offices
PennDOT Central Office Organizations
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