Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture Training

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Course Overview

This web-based training course provides an introduction to the Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture (CVRIA). The purpose of this training is to acquaint public and private sector professionals with the background, structure, website, and use of the CVRIA. They will be able to effectively navigate the website to find the CVRIA content they need for their connected vehicle project definition. The course material is presented in a web-based format using Adobe Presenter with narration by instructors from the National ITS Architecture team.

Course Content

Click one of the modules below to launch the course content in a separate Adobe Presenter window:

Module Title Learning Outcomes
1 Introduction to CVRIA Explain the objectives of Connected Vehicle, the importance of communications in Connected Vehicle, the need for CVRIA, and define the CVRIA.
2 CVRIA Website Tour Tour the CVRIA website and illustrate the CVRIA components.
3 CVRIA Website Navigation Example Use the CVRIA website with an example to illustrate how the website can be used.
4 Suggestions for Connected Vehicle Project Developers Explain the use of CVRIA content in project scoping, stakeholder coordination, and project design.
5 CVRIA Use Examples Explain connected vehicle project examples and how CVRIA was used in their development.
6 SET-IT Tool Introduction and Resources Introduce the SET-IT software tool and highlight CVRIA and Connected Vehicle resources.

Target Audience

Due to the modular nature of this training course, participants can decide to take just one or take all 6 modules. Overall, this course is designed for:

Course Feedback

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