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The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Offices consist of systems housed at the Operations Control Center, located in Harrisburg, as well as at all other offices/towers along the Turnpike. The PTC Offices' element serves as the focal point for Turnpike emergency management, traffic management, maintenance and construction management, toll administration, traveler information, and other activities associated with the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  

PTC Offices support incident management, disaster response and evacuation, security monitoring, and other security and public safety-oriented ITS applications along the Turnpike. It interfaces with other emergency management agencies to support coordinated emergency response.  
Traffic management operations performed by the PTC Offices include monitoring and controlling traffic and the road network. The PTC Offices also coordinate traffic information and control strategies with neighboring agencies, including PennDOT and adjacent states.  
PTC Offices are responsible for monitoring and managing Turnpike roadway infrastructure construction and maintenance activities. The offices also manage equipment at the roadside, including environmental sensors (RWIS), and the repair and maintenance of both non-ITS and ITS equipment.  
PTC Offices also provide toll administration capabilities. Functions include general payment administration and the electronic transfer of authenticated funds from the customer to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.  


Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC)


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