Benton-Franklin Council of Governments Data Archive - Archived Data Management Functionality

Subsystem Description

The Archived Data Management Subsystem (ADMS) collects, archives, manages, and distributes data generated from ITS sources for use in transportation administration, policy evaluation, safety, planning, performance monitoring, program assessment, operations, and research applications. The data received is formatted and tagged with attributes that define the data source, conditions under which it was collected, data transformations, and other information (i.e. meta data) necessary to interpret the data. The subsystem can fuse ITS generated data with data from non-ITS sources and other archives to generate information products utilizing data from multiple functional areas, modes, and jurisdictions. The subsystem prepares data products that can serve as inputs to federal, state, and local data reporting systems. This subsystem may be implemented in many different ways. It may reside within an operational center and provide focused access to a particular agency's data archives. Alternatively, it may operate as a distinct center that collects data from multiple agencies and sources and provides a general data warehouse service for a region.

Functional Area: Government Reporting Systems Support

Selects and formats data residing in an ITS archive to facilitate local, state, and federal government data reporting requirements.

1The center shall provide data from an ITS archive to federal, state, or local government reporting systems.Planned
2The center shall provide the capability to select data from an ITS archive for use in government reports.Planned
3The center shall provide the capability to format data from an ITS archive suitable for input into government reports.Planned
4The center shall support requests for ITS archived data from Government Reporting Systems.Planned
5The center shall provide the applicable meta-data for any ITS archived data to satisfy government reporting system requests. Meta-data may include attributes that describe the source and quality of the data and the conditions surrounding the collection of the data.Planned

Functional Area: ITS Data Repository

Collect and maintain data and data catalogs from one or more data sources. May include quality checks, error notification, and archive coordination.

1The center shall collect data to be archived from one or more data sources.Existing
3The center shall store the archived data in a focused repository that is suited to a particular set of ITS data users.Planned
6The center shall include capabilities for archive to archive coordination.Planned
7The center shall support a broad range of archived data management implementations, ranging from simple data marts that collect a focused set of data and serve a particular user community to large-scale data warehouses that collect, integrate, and summarize transportation data from multiple sources and serve a broad array of users within a region.Existing
8The center shall perform quality checks on received data.Existing
9The center shall provide the capability to execute methods on the incoming data such as cleansing, summarizations, aggregations, or transformations applied to the data before it is stored in the archive.Existing
10The center shall respond to requests from the administrator interface function to maintain the archive data.Existing

Functional Area: Traffic and Roadside Data Archival

Collects and archives traffic and environmental information directly from the roadside for use in off-line planning, research, and analysis.

1The center shall manage the collection of archive data directly from collection equipment located at the roadside.Existing
2The center shall collect traffic sensor information from roadside devices.Existing
6The center shall record the status about the imported traffic and roadside data.Existing