Architecture Scope

The scope of the Regional ITS Architecture can be described in terms of: 1) the size of the region and jurisdictions covered (geographic scope), 2) the planning or time horizon, and 3) the variety of transportation services that are covered. This scope is defined in the context of adjacent and overlapping Regional ITS Architectures.


The Benton-Franklin Regional ITS Architecture is a roadmap for transportation systems integration. The architecture was developed through a cooperative effort by the region's transportation agencies, covering all modes and all roads in the region. It represents a shared vision of how each agency's systems will work together in the future, sharing information and resources to provide a safer, more efficient, and more effective transportation system for travelers in the region. The architecture provides an overarching framework that spans all of the region's transportation organizations and individual transportation projects.  

Using the architecture, each transportation project can be viewed as an element of the overall transportation system, providing visibility into the relationship between individual transportation projects and ways to cost-effectively build an integrated transportation system over time.  

The purpose of this regional ITS architecture web site is to encourage use of the regional ITS architecture and gather feedback so that the architecture is used and continues to reflect the intelligent transportation system vision for the region. The menu bar at left provides access to the stakeholders, the transportation systems in the region (the Inventory), the transportation-related functions that are envisioned, and the existing and planned integration opportunities in the region. 

Other overlapping and/or adjacent ITS Architectures include the Washington State Department of Transportation's South Central Region ITS Architecture and the Yakima Regional ITS Architecture.

Time Frame

10 years, 2016-2026

Geographic Scope

The geographic scope of the Benton-Franklin Regional ITS Architecture includes all of Benton and Franklin Counties in southeastern Washington State. This area is also defined as the Benton-Franklin Council of Government's Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) boundary. The stakeholders are mainly BFCG member jurisdictions and agencies.

Service Scope

The Benton-Franklin Regional ITS Architecture depicts the existing and planned Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) services. The region's services focus on traffic management, maintenance and construction, transit, emergency management, commercial vehicle operations, archived data and traveler information.