Service Packages

One of the first steps in developing an architecture is to identify the transportation services that are important to the Region. The following table lists each service package and its applicability to the Region. More information about each service package can be obtained by selecting the service package in the table below.

Service PackageService Package NameStatus
AD1ITS Data MartPlanned
City of Kennewick ITS Data MartExisting
AD2ITS Data WarehousePlanned
APTS01BFT Fixed-Route Transit Vehicle TrackingPlanned
BFT Paratransit Vehicle TrackingExisting
BFT Vanpool Transit Vehicle TrackingExisting
APTS02Transit Fixed-Route OperationsExisting
APTS03Demand Response Transit OperationsExisting
APTS04Transit Fare Collection ManagementPlanned
APTS05Transit SecurityPlanned
APTS06Transit Fleet ManagementExisting
APTS08Transit Traveler InformationPlanned
APTS10Transit Passenger CountingPlanned
ATIS01Broadcast Traveler InformationExisting
ATIS02Interactive Traveler InformationExisting
ATIS06Transportation Operations Data SharingPlanned
ATMS01Kennewick Network SurveillanceExisting
Local City Network SurveillanceExisting
Pasco Network SurveillanceExisting
Richland Network SurveillanceExisting
West Richland Network SurveillanceExisting
WSDOT Network SurveillanceExisting
ATMS02City of Pasco Traffic Probe SurveillancePlanned
ATMS03Kennewick Traffic Signal ControlExisting
Local City Traffic Signal ControlExisting
Pasco Traffic Signal ControlExisting
Richland Traffic Signal ControlExisting
West Richland Traffic Signal ControlPlanned
WSDOT Traffic Signal ControlPlanned
ATMS06Traffic Information DisseminationExisting
ATMS07Regional Traffic ManagementPlanned
ATMS08Traffic Incident Management SystemExisting
ATMS09Transportation Decision Support and Demand ManagementPlanned
ATMS12City of Richland Roadside Lighting System ControlExisting
West Richland Roadside Lighting System ControlExisting
ATMS13Standard Railroad Grade CrossingExisting
ATMS19City of Pasco Speed Warning and EnforcementPlanned
ATMS26City of Pasco Mixed Use Warning SystemsPlanned
CVO03Electronic ClearancePlanned
CVO10HAZMAT ManagementExisting
EM01SECC Emergency Call-Taking and DispatchPlanned
WSP Emergency Call-Taking and DispatchPlanned
EM02SECC Emergency RoutingExisting
WSP Emergency RoutingPlanned
EM03Mayday and Alarms SupportExisting
EM04Roadway Service PatrolsExisting
EM05Transportation Infrastructure ProtectionExisting
EM06Wide-Area AlertExisting
EM07Early Warning SystemExisting
EM08Disaster Response and RecoveryExisting
EM09Evacuation and Reentry ManagementExisting
EM10Disaster Traveler InformationExisting
MC01Maintenance and Construction Vehicle and Equipment TrackingExisting
MC03Road Weather Data CollectionPlanned
MC06Winter MaintenancePlanned
MC12City of West Richland Infrastructure MonitoringPlanned