Communications Viewpoint

An icon shown as a green parallelogram representing the Communications Viewpoint

The Communications Viewpoint defines the layered sets of communications protocols that are required to support communications among the Physical Objects that participate in the connected vehicle environment. These protocols need to meet the requirements on performance and the constraints imposed by physical connectivity, environmental and operational challenges, and relevant policies (such as the assurance of anonymity for mandatory data provision).

An example communictions diagram

The Communications Viewpoint focuses on the design and implementation of protocols and communications standards, including implementation choices, and specification and allocation of communications functionality to engineered components of the system.

In the Communications Viewpoint objects from the Physical Viewpoint are depicted along with a stack Communications Objects that are called Protocol Entities. These Protocol Entities implement the functionality required for the Physical Objects that implement functionality (from the Functional Viewpoint) to actually communicate with one another.

Each Communications Viewpoint Diagram shows the information flow triple at top and potential communications protocols in a layered stack that may be used for deployment.

The following table shows the symbols used to represent elements of the Communications Viewpoint:

communictions view legend describing each element on the diagram