CVRIA Standards

Communications standards and protocols are fundamental to the establishment of an open Connected Vehicles environment. The CVRIA relates (maps) triples (Physical Object Source - Information Flow - Physical Object Destination combinations) to diagrams that show existing and near-future standards applicable for implementation of a particular triple. Standards facilitate deployment of interoperable systems at local, regional, and national levels without impeding innovation as technology advances and new approaches evolve.

The USDOT ITS JPO's Standards Site provides current status on the ITS Standards Program. In addition, the site contains resource documents, fact sheets, testing, deployment contacts, training and application area information, an interactive ITS Standards Forum, as well as information about the Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture (CVRIA).

The CVRIA and Standards

The CVRIA is a reference framework that spans all ITS standards activities and provides a means of detecting gaps, overlaps, and inconsistencies between the standards. The Physical View provides a starting point for the standards development activities by identifying the applicable information flows to be standardized, while the Communications View provides a layered architecture view that describes the way in which the information is exchanged across those interfaces.

Standards Development Organizations

The following organizations participate in ITS standards activities:

In addition, the following organizations have developed communications protocols and standards widely implemented in ITS, typically included by reference by the standards developed by the SDOs listed above.