Enterprise Viewpoint

An icon shown as a blue parallelogram representing the Enterprise Viewpoint

The Enterprise Viewpoint addresses the relationships between organizations and the roles those organizations play that involve the delivery of services in the connected vehicle environment. It also addresses the personnel (including operators, users and support staff) that are part of those organizations.

In the Enterprise Viewpoint, the CVRIA is depicted as a set of Enterprise Objects that interact to exchange information, manage and operate systems beyond the scope of one organization. The Enterprise Viewpoint focuses on the relationships between those Enterprise Objects, but also includes interactions between Enterprise Objects and elements that have significant roles in the delivery of services, which appear in an Enterprise View as Resources.

The relationships between Enterprise Objects are largely determined by roles, responsibilities, policies and goals of the Enterprises, not by CVRIA policies or goals, though there are exceptions for all-encompassing supporting functionality such as the management of digital certificates. The relationships between Enterprise Objects will therefore depend on the responsibilities of the Enterprises involved and the roles they choose to play in the connected vehicle environment.

The following table shows the symbols used to represent elements of the Enterprise Viewpoint:

enterprise diagram legend describing each element on the diagram