This data store is used within the Manage Traffic function to hold data about the current state of traffic on the road (surface street) and freeway network served by the function. It is a sample of the traffic at a single instant in time and is updated periodically from data collected by other processes within both this and other ITS functions. The data flow contains the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ parking_lot_storage_data
+ processed_traffic_data
+ processed_roadway_env_data
+ traffic_flow_state
+ traffic_management_storage_data
+ traffic_video_image_data
+ wide_area_pollution_data
+ traffic_sensor_output_data
+ environment_sensor_output_data
+ stored_incident_data
+ transportation_information_for_traffic_operations
+ current_dms_data_displayed

Sub Data Flows

Parent Data Flows

Associated PSpecs