This data flow is sent from a railroad operated operations center (or centers) to the ITS Manage Traffic and Manage Maintenance and Construction functions. It contains information about scheduled and/or planned railroad activity that may be relevant to ITS traffic management (e.g. train schedules through busy corridors, maintenance schedules for railroad owned and maintained grade crossing equipment, etc.). This is typically informational data and is not required for timely operation of grade crossing protection and safety devices. It is however the source of data for use in route planning, alternate route determination, railroad incident notifications, and as a factor in maintenance and construction work plan scheduling, etc. This data flow consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ fro-maintenance_schedules
+ fro-incident_notification
+ fro-m_and_c_plan_feedback_from_rail
+ fro-railroad_schedules
+ fro-rail_incident_response_status
+ fro-disaster_response_plan_coordination
+ fro-evacuation_plan_coordination
+ fro-rail_system_status_for_disaster
+ fro-rail_system_status_for_evacuation
+ fro-rail_incident_information
+ fro-railroad_schedules_for_emergency

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