This data flow is sent to the driver from the Provide Driver and Traveler Services, Manage Traffic, Manage Maintenance and Construction, and Provide Electronic Payment Services functions. It contains output from traffic indicators (intersection and pedestrian controllers, signs, etc.), output from driver advisory signs on-board maintenance and construction vehicles, the results of payment transactions, work zone intrusion alerts from roadside devices and the vehicle itself, and on-line vehicle guidance and travel advisory data that has been requested by the driver. The data flow consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ td-broadcast_information
+ td-driver_vehicle_access_status
+ td-driving_guidance
+ td-guidance_input_request
+ td-guidance_map_update_response
+ td-guidance_route_details
+ td-information_for_drivers_in_traffic_FB
+ td-other_services_parking_response
+ td-other_services_toll_response
+ td-parking_lot_payment_confirmed
+ td-parking_lot_payment_invalid
+ td-parking_information
+ td-toll_payment_confirmed
+ td-toll_payment_invalid
+ td-traffic_advisory_from_mcv
+ td-mcv_on_board_display
+ td-vehicle_occupants_detected
+ td-work_zone_intrusion_alert
+ td-work_zone_intrusion_alert_from_mcv
+ td-vmt_cost_data
+ td-vmt_payment_confirmation
+ td-dynamic_lane_control
+ td-vehicle_emissions
+ td-air_quality_message
+ td-emissions_zone_incentives_display
+ td-emergency_vehicle_proximity
+ td-emergency_work_zone_intrusion_alert
+ td-electric_charging_station_information
+ td-pedestrian_presence
+ td-toll_payment_response
+ td-road_use_payment_status
+ td-road_use_charges_display

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