This data flow is sent by processes within the Manage Traffic, Manage Transit, Manage Maintenance and Construction, Provide Driver and Traveler Services, and Manage Emergency Services functions to the Media. It provides information on traffic flow conditions, traffic incidents, transit incidents and other emergencies, maintenance and construction activities, environmental information, plus a request for traveler information. The output data can be based upon a specific request from the Media, or as part of a subscription service where information of a predefined type is automatically output to the Media. It consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ tm-incident_data
+ tm-incident_information
+ tm-traffic_data
+ tm-traffic_video_images
+ tm-traffic_information
+ tm-transit_emergency_information
+ tm-transit_incident_information
+ tm-transit_schedule_deviations_to_media
+ tm-transit_vehicle_deviations
+ tm-traveler_information_request
+ tm-pollution_data
+ tm-m_and_c_work_plans_for_media
+ tm-roadway_maint_status_for_media
+ tm-work_zone_images
+ tm-work_zone_info
+ tm-road_weather_info

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