This data flow is sent to the traveler card / payment device terminator by the Provide Electronic Payment Services function. It consists of different types of data: that which requests payment for a service from the credit stored by the instrument itself, that which gives notice that payment for the service will charged to the credit identity provided by the instrument, that which requests information concerning traveler services based on the traveler's identity and information stored on the terminator device, and the updated information supplied to the traveler's device. The data flow consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ tpd-debited_payment_at_parking_lot
+ tpd-debited_payment_at_personal_device
+ tpd-debited_traveler_payment_at_roadside_for_transit
+ tpd-debited_traveler_payment_at_vehicle
+ tpd-debited_traveler_payment_at_roadside
+ tpd-debited_payment_at_toll_plaza
+ tpd-debited_driver_payment_at_vehicle
+ tpd-debited_payment_on_transit_vehicle
+ tpd-request_fare_payment_at_roadside
+ tpd-request_fare_payment_on_transit_vehicle
+ tpd-request_payment_at_parking_lot
+ tpd-request_payment_at_toll_plaza
+ tpd-request_traveler_parking_payment
+ tpd-debited_traveler_parking_payment
+ tpd-traveler_personal_information_update
+ tpd-traveler_remote_personal_information_update
+ tpd-request_road_use_payment
+ tpd-debited_road_use_payment
+ tpd-request_electric_charging_payment
+ tpd-debited_electric_charging_payment
+ tpd-traveler_passenger_information_update
+ tpd-vehicle_traveler_information_update

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