This data flow is used to provide meta data included with sensor data for release to the archive. Items of meta data may include attributes that describe the source and quality of the data and the conditions surrounding the collection of the data, such as status of operational equipment. This meta data may also include flags to identify the presence of privacy sensitive information. Other meta data attributes such as class names, data type, and data concept identifiers may be present when a standard data dictionary or message set template is used as in IEEE P1489 and P1488. This data flow consists of the following items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ data_reductions
+ data_aggregation
+ collection_conditions
+ security
+ error_handling
+ owner_entities
+ authorization_to_use
+ date_created
+ date_published
+ date_archived
+ methods_applied
+ personal_identification_status
+ collection_equipment
+ equipment_status
+ data_concept_identifier
+ perishability_date
+ data_revision
+ data_version
+ record_size
+ standard_data_attribute
+ standard_message_attribute

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