This data flow is sent by Other Traffic Management to the Manage Traffic function and contains traffic data and device control requests for geographic areas of operation that are outside those of the local center. It consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ fotm-traffic_data
+ fotm-roadway_detours_and_closures
+ fotm-road_weather_data
+ fotm-road_network_inventory_and_status
+ fotm-disaster_network_status
+ fotm-network_status_for_evacuation
+ fotm-current_event_data
+ fotm-planned_event_data
+ fotm-traffic_image_data
+ fotm-device_status
+ fotm-device_inventory
+ fotm-device_data
+ fotm-evacuation_information
+ fotm-traffic_control_strategy_for_disaster_or_evacuation
+ fotm-permit_coordination_for_traffic

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