This data flow is used within the Provide Electronic Payment Services function and contains a data fields which if set non-zero act as request that the image of the traveler currently trying to pay a transit fare be obtained as the payment transaction has been found to be illegal. If the transaction is at the roadside the identity of the transit vehicle will be set to zero, and if on a vehicle the fare collection identity will be set to zero. For vehicle collection, the collection method data will show whether a batch or interactive method is being used for processing the fare collection data. The data flow consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE :

+ transit_fare
+ transit_roadside_fare_collection_identity
+ transit_route_number
+ transit_route_segment_number
+ transit_route_use_time
+ traveler_category
+ transit_vehicle_fare_collection_method
+ transit_vehicle_identity
+ traveler_identity

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