This data store is used within the Manage Traffic function to contain data about the previous (historical) state of traffic on the road (surface street) and highway network served by the function. The data is accumulated in real time at periodic time intervals from other processes within both this and other ITS functions. The traffic flow, other routes use, o-d matrix, parking lot, processed and wide area pollution data may be stored in hourly time intervals for each day over a rolling two week period, after which it may be consolidated into a single smoothed or average set of data for normal weekday flows. The traffic management data may be stored in fifteen minute intervals daily for a long period of time as a record of the indicator state. The store consists of the following items of data each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ historical_other_routes_use
+ o_d_matrix
+ historical_parking_lot_storage_data
+ historical_processed_traffic_data
+ historical_processed_roadway_env_data
+ historical_traffic_flow_state
+ historical_wide_area_pollution_data
+ historical_traffic_management_storage_data

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