This data flow is sent to the Other RS terminator and provides data from a roadside sensor (environmental, traffic, pedestrian crossing, or work zone intrusion). In this case, the Other RS terminator represents a roadside or freeway indicator (e.g., intersection controller, ramp meter controller), an automated road treatment device, a work zone intrusion alert device, or in-vehicle signage transmitter that receives the sensor data. This data flow consists of the following items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ t_other_rw_pedestrian_sensor_data
+ t_other_rw_road_user_protection_warning
+ t_other_rw_work_zone_intrusion_detection
+ t_other_rw_traffic_sensor_data_to_fc
+ t_other_rw_traffic_sensor_data_to_ic

Sub Data Flows

Parent Data Flows

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