This data flow contains analog data that can be monitored by on-board vehicle sensors to provide a number of digital data readings for use elsewhere within ITS. The data applies to any type of vehicle, i.e. it is not particular to one type such as commercial vehicles, transit vehicles, etc. It consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ fvdb-crash_sensor_data
+ fvdb-diagnostics_data
+ fvdb-driver_safety_status
+ fvdb-steering_servo_response
+ fvdb-throttle_servo_response
+ fvdb-vehicle_attitude_data
+ fvdb-vehicle_condition
+ fvdb-vehicle_headway
+ fvdb-vehicle_identity
+ fvdb-vehicle_lane_position
+ fvdb-vehicle_motion_data
+ fvdb-vehicle_occupants
+ fvdb-vehicle_on_avo_lane
+ fvdb-vehicle_proximity_data
+ fvdb-vehicle_safety_status
+ fvdb-vehicle_security_status
+ fvdb-vehicle_size
+ fvdb-vehicle_speed
+ fvdb-vehicle_driver_inputs
+ fvdb-vehicle_charging_capacity
+ fvdb-vehicle_charging_status

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