This data flow is used within the Manage Maintenance and Construction function and contains a view of the road network appropriate for assisting the maintenance and construction center personnel, the vehicle fleet manager when dispatching and routing vehicles, and the automated Maintenance Decision Support function. This information represents a consolidation of inputs from private vehicle probes, road network information including travel times, route usage, and incidents and incident response, and environmental information collected from the Manage Traffic and Manage Emergency Services functions. A listing of incident and weather data is provided, as well as a listing by link of road network data, roadway conditions, etc. The data flow consists of the following items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ incident_location
+ incident_start_time
+ incident_duration
+ incident_type
+ incident_severity
+ incident_traffic_impact
+ incident_response_status_from_emerg
+ env_info_for_road_network
+ link_state_data
+ roadway_environment_conditions
+ asset_damage
+ current_asset_restrictions
+ predicted_road_network_data
+ current_data_for_output
+ evacuation_information_for_m_and_c
+ transportation_information_for_maint_operations

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