This data flow is sent from several processes to the enforcement agency and contains information about violations that have been detected by many of the other functions within ITS. The data contained in each of these flows will enable the enforcement agency to carry out a prosecution of the offender if required and to provide access to its repository of information. The data flow consists of the following data item which is defined in its own DDE:

+ tec-fare_collection_vehicle_violation_data
+ tec-fare_payment_violation_data
+ tec-parking_violation_data
+ tec-toll_violation_data
+ tec-traffic_violation_data
+ tec-speed_sensor_status
+ tec-enforcement_request_from_m_and_c
+ tec-enforcement_request_from_traffic
+ tec-speed_violation_notification
+ tec-accident_data
+ tec-cv_violation_data
+ tec-cvo_violation
+ tec-cv_citation_data
+ tec-cv_carrier_participation_report
+ tec-cv_safety_inspection
+ tec-emissions_violation_data
+ tec-road_use_payment_equipment_failure
+ tec-lane_violation_notification
+ tec-request_lane_enforcement
+ tec-shoulder_violation_notification
+ tec-request_shoulder_enforcement
+ tec-lane_violation_notification_from_roadway
+ tec-shoulder_violation_notification_from_roadway
+ tec-eco_lane_violation_notification
+ tec-dynamic_lane_usage_violation
+ tec-current_dynamic_lane_configuration

Sub Data Flows

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