This data flow is sent to the multimodal transportation service provider from the Provide Driver and Traveler Services, Manage Transit, and Manage Archived Data functions. It contains either a request for details of the services available to move travelers by means other than road vehicles, e.g. rail, air, sea, river, bike routes, etc., or changes to the arrival time(s) of transit services caused by schedule deviations. It also contains work plan information for maintenance and construction activities. The data flow consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ tmtsp-ferry_services_request
+ tmtsp-rail_services_request
+ tmtsp-transit_arrival_deviations
+ tmtsp-transit_service_data
+ tmtsp-multimodal_archive_request
+ tmtsp-multimodal_archive_status
+ tmtsp-m_and_c_work_plans_for_mtsp
+ tmtsp-non_motorized_services_request
+ tmtsp-confirm_multimodal_service
+ tmtsp-individual_service_request
+ tmtsp-service_request
+ tmtsp-traveler_individual_service_request

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