This data flow is used by various processes within the Manage Traffic function to send data on traffic conditions, weather conditions, incidents, incident responses, safeguard and barrier system status, field equipment fault and repair status, traffic and travel demand data, and requests from other traffic management centers for remote control of field equipment to traffic operations personnel. It consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE, and some of which are groups of output flows belonging to the same facility:

+ ttop-demand_management_outputs_FB
+ ttop-incident_management_outputs_FB
+ ttop-traffic_control_information_display
+ ttop-video_image_output
+ ttop-resource_response
+ ttop-wrong_way_detection
+ ttop-weather_information
+ ttop-archive_status
+ ttop-disaster_response_plan_input_request
+ ttop-evacuation_plan_input_request
+ ttop-barrier_safeguard_status
+ ttop-lighting_system_status
+ ttop-wide_area_alert_notification
+ ttop-traveler_information_restrictions
+ ttop-deactivate_information_restrictions
+ ttop-vehicle_signage_status
+ ttop-roadway_info_status
+ ttop-roadway_incident_status
+ ttop-vehicle_speed_sensor_data
+ ttop-device_control_request_from_other_center
+ ttop-env_sensor_status
+ ttop-video_device_status
+ ttop-dynamic_lane_status
+ ttop-roadway_warning_system_status

Sub Data Flows

Parent Data Flows

Associated PSpecs