This data flow is used within the Provide Driver and Traveler Services function and contains the responses to various requests for information, traveler information alert subscriptions, and trip planning services previously input by a traveler from a personal device. The data will only cover those services needed to fulfill the traveler's trip or information request. If the previous input from the traveler was a trip confirmation, the data will include either the credit identity or stored credit value originally supplied by the traveler's traveler card / payment device. The data flow consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ traveler_personal_trip_information
+ traveler_personal_payment_confirmation
+ traveler_personal_transaction_confirmation
+ traveler_personal_interactive_traffic_data
+ traveler_personal_interactive_transit_data
+ traveler_personal_interactive_incident_information
+ traveler_personal_interactive_weather_data
+ traveler_personal_interactive_event_information
+ traveler_personal_interactive_parking_data
+ traveler_personal_interactive_multimodal_data
+ traveler_personal_interactive_price_data
+ traveler_personal_travel_services_provider_data
+ traveler_personal_border_alert
+ traveler_personal_event_alert
+ traveler_personal_incident_alert
+ traveler_personal_multimodal_alert
+ traveler_personal_parking_alert
+ traveler_personal_traffic_alert
+ traveler_personal_transit_alert
+ traveler_personal_weather_alert
+ traveler_personal_vmt_account_reports_to_trav
+ traveler_personal_vmt_payment_request_to_trav
+ connection_response

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