10 - Support Secure Transportation Services

This collection contains the processes that make up the Support Secure Transportation Services facility within the Manage Connected Vehicle function. These processes include support for the center and field based functions that provide secure communications - including the provision of digital security credentials and misbehavior management. This collection also includes those processes that support the authorization of centers to host applications and provide connected vehicle support. This process includes data distribution services that support all connected vehicle data based applications.

There are 7 processes shown in this collection and 6 are collections themselves. The others are lower level Process Specifications (PSpecs) that are assigned to Physical Objects in the CVRIA physical view.

1) Support Center Communications and Data Services (10.1)
2) Authorize Connected Vehicle Environment Applications (PSpec 10.2) (note this may convert to a collection)
3) Manage Transportation Security Services and Communications (10.3)
4) Manage Connected Vehicle Infrastructure (10.4)
5) Satisfy Implementation Requirements (10.5)
6) Manage Connected Vehicle Data Distribution (10.6)
7) Manage Map Data (10.7)

The 5th entry in the list above is called "Satisfy Implementation Requirements." This represents the physical implementation of functions and communications links that are required by the architecture. It has no data flows or logical functions but is needed in order for the Functional Architecture to satisfy all of the requirements.

Child Collections needed for CVRIA: