9.2.3 - Determine M&C Needs

This page shows the collection of processes that provide the Determine M&C Needs facility within the Manage Roadway M&C Activities function. These processes identify equipment requiring repair, winter maintenance needs, resource requirements, and then request maintenance and construction work to be scheduled. They coordinate M&C resource needs as part of planning for disaster response or evacuation. An automated Maintenance Decision Support system function is also supported.
Equipment repair, winter maintenance, and routine roadway maintenance needs are determined using inputs from individual device processes or through monitoring processes. Then resource needs from other agencies are collected and resolved. Disaster response or evacuation plans are coordinated with emergency management. Maintenance Decision Support system makes maintenance recommendations based on current weather, needs, and resources available with parameter input from center personnel.

There are 8 processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) in this collection:

1) Determine Winter Roadway Treatment Needs (
2) Determine Roadway M&C Needs (
3) Provide Maintenance Decision Support (
4) Manage M&C Resource Needs (
5) Collect Roadside Equipment Status (
6) Collect Field Equipment Status for Repair (
7) Process Environmental Probe Data for Maintenance (
8) Collect Connected Vehicle Field Equipment Status (

Parent Collection: 9.2 - Manage Roadway M&C Activities