4.2.3 - Generate Transit Routes and Schedules

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Generate Transit Routes and Schedules facility within the Manage Transit function. The processes in this facility determine new routes and schedules for regular transit operations and output them to other processes within the Manage Transit and other ITS functions. The determination processes use parameters provided by transit operations personnel, data from other transit centers (Other Transit Management) and multimodal transportation service providers, operational data from the current regular transit services, as well as the current regular transit routes and schedules, plus the most popular demand responsive transit services. The route and schedule generation processes are run at the request of transit operations personnel, but requests for the generation of new schedules can also come from parking lots to accommodate the fluctuating demands of static and dynamic parking lot information. Details of the new services are sent to the sources of input data listed above. They are also sent to other processes in this and other ITS functions. In some cases, this data may also be requested by these processes where it is possible that they have missed an update.

There are nine processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) that comprise this collection:

1) Generate Transit Routes (
2) Generate Transit Schedules (
3) Produce Transit Service Data for External Use (
4) Provide Transit Sys Operator Interface for Services Generation (
5) Manage Transit Operational Data Store (
6) Produce Transit Service Data for Manage Transit Use (
7) Provide Interface for Other Transit Management Data (
8) Provide Interface for Transit Service Raw Data (
9) Update Transit Map Data (

Parent Collection: 4.2 - Plan and Schedule Transit Services