8 - Manage Archived Data

This page shows the collection of processes that provide the Manage Archived Data function. This function is responsible for providing facilities to collect ITS and related data, archive it, and make it available to other user systems for use in transportation administration, policy evaluation, safety, planning, performance monitoring, program assessment, operations, and research applications.

There are 9 processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) in this collection:

1) Get Archive Data (8.1)
2) Manage Archive (8.2)
3) Manage Archive Data Administrator Interface (8.3)
4) Coordinate Archives (8.4)
5) Process Archived Data User System Requests (8.5)
6) Analyze Archive (8.6)
7) Process On Demand Archive Requests (8.7)
8) Prepare Government Reporting Inputs (8.8)
9) Manage Roadside Data Collection (8.9)

Parent Collection: 0 - Manage Connected Vehicles