2.8 - Manage Intermodal Operations

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Manage Intermodal Operations facility within the Manage Commercial Vehicles function. These processes enable freight to move into and out of Intermodal Terminals. They also provide freight equipment status information on board a commercial vehicle and manage drayage operations for short-haul freight, typically into and out of intermodal terminals. A Distribution and Logistics Management Provider manages the booking interfaces with the intermodal customers (shippers) and coordinates with the Provide Freight Operations function to match freight hauling equipment with a load in a way that will optimize the fleet operations.

There are 4 processes in this collection, all of which are themselves collections of lower level processes:

1) Manage Intermodal Terminal (2.8.1).
2) Manage Freight Distribution and Logistics Operations (2.8.2).
3) Manage Freight Equipment on Commercial Vehicle (2.8.3).
4) Manage Border Inspection (2.8.4).

Parent Collection: 2 - Manage Commercial Vehicles

Child Collection needed for CVRIA: