2.8.1 - Manage Intermodal Terminal

This page shows the collection of processes manage an Intermodal Terminal (which is within the Manage Commercial Vehicles function). These processes enable freight to move into and out of intermodal terminals. The Intermodal Terminal manages entry and exit from the facility. The Intermodal Terminal tracks containers within the facility. The Intermodal Terminal coordinates container pickup and delivery with Freight Management facilities. The Intermodal Terminal coordinates release of the container with Border Inspection Administration and with Distributed Logistics Management Providers.

There are 5 processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) in the collection:

1) Manage Intermodal Terminal Access (
2) Manage Container Pickup and Delivery (
3) Manage Container Release (
4) Provide Intermodal Terminal Operator Interface (
5) Provide Container Tracking (

Parent Collection: 2.8 - Manage Intermodal Operations