1.5 - Manage Emissions

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Manage Emissions facility. These processes monitor atmospheric pollution levels and vehicle emissions and provide details of those that are above pre-set limits to other facilities. Current pollution levels are monitored both on an area basis and from individual vehicles. Values above permitted levels are reported as incidents to the Manage Incidents facility. Driver and law enforcement agency(ies) are notified of vehicle emissions levels above permitted levels.

There are 13 processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) in this collection:

1) Provide Emissions Operations Personnel Interface (1.5.1)
2) Process Pollution Data (1.5.2)
3) Update Pollution Display Map Data (1.5.3)
4) Manage Pollution State Data Store (1.5.4)
5) Detect Vehicle Emissions Levels (1.5.5)
6) Detect Pollution Levels (1.5.6)
7) Process Vehicle Emissions Data (1.5.7)
8) Manage Emissions and Pollution Reference Data Stores (1.5.8)
9) Manage Emissions Archive Data (1.5.9)
10) Manage Emissions State Data Store (1.5.10)
11) Collect Connected Vehicle Emissions (1.5.11)
12) Process Connected Vehicle Emissions Data (1.5.12)
13) Manage Eco Roadway Usage in Roadway (1.5.13)

Parent Collection: 1 - Manage Traffic