1.6.3 - Manage HRI Rail Traffic

This page shows the collection of processes that are responsible for performing real-time equipment checks and reporting the status of the equipment associated with an active grade crossing.

The key points about the facility are as follows:
- Responsible for generating advisories/ alerts,
- Responsible for protecting all traffic approaching and crossing grade crossings.

There are three processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) in this collection:
1) Interact with Wayside Systems (
2) Advise and Protect Train Crews (
3) Provide ATS Alerts (

The collected data is received by process (b). Process (a) interacts with the wayside equipment system and reports the status to process . Data collected in process (b) is distributed to process (a) to report HRI data. All of the processes distribute data to other Manage Traffic functions.

Parent Collection: 1.6 - Manage Highway Rail Intersections