1.2.5 - Manage Parking Lot

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Manage Parking Lot facility within the Manage Traffic function. These processes determine and manage the state of parking lots in the area served by the function.

The key points about the facility are as follows:
- Parking lot state can be determined from inputs provided by a variety of sources;
- The precise input configuration can be set up to suit individual parking lots;
- Parking lot data output using signs is used to guide vehicles to lots with spaces;
- Parking lot data stored for use by traffic operations personnel and the media;
- Parking lot data also used by the Mange Demand facility.

There are 8 processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) in this collection:

1) Provide Parking Lot Static Data (
2) Coordinate Other Parking Data (
3) Provide Parking Lot Operator Interface (
4) Determine Dynamic Parking Lot State (
5) Manage Parking Archive Data (
6) Detect Vehicles in Parking Lot (
7) Output Parking Information to Drivers (
8) Manage Roadside Parking Facility Communications (

Parent Collection: 1.2 - Provide Device Control