9.2 - Manage Roadway M&C Activities

This page shows the functions that provide the Manage Roadway M&C Activities facility within the Manage Maintenance and Construction function. This facility includes determination of maintenance and construction needs, scheduling assets to address those needs, and collecting work activity status. Roadway maintenance status is collected and shared with other agencies and the function that schedules maintenance and construction activities;

There are 8 processes in this collection, and two are collections themselves. The others are lower level Process Specifications (PSpecs) that are assigned to Physical Objects in the CVRIA physical view.

1) Schedule M&C Activities (PSpec 9.2.1)
2) Status Current M&C Activities and Transportation Infrastructure (PSpec 9.2.2)
3) Determine M&C Needs (9.2.3)
4) Manage M&C Map Data (PSpec 9.2.4)
5) Provide M&C Center Personnel Interface for Maint (PSpec 9.2.5)
6) Manage Infrastructure Monitoring and Treatment Systems (9.2.6)
7) Manage M&C Archive Data (PSpec 9.2.7)
8) Manage M&C Materials (PSpec 9.2.8)

Parent Collection: 9 - Manage Maintenance and Construction

Child Collections needed for CVRIA: