4 - Manage Transit

This functional process performs the management functions that apply to fixed routed transit services, plus the provision of the flexibly routed transit service (demand responsive transit). Information is provided to the Transit Vehicle Operator and Traveler directly through this function, but information for the traveler trip planning and guidance is provided through the Provide Driver and Traveler Services function. Interaction with the Manage Traffic function is provided to support priority at signalized intersections and freeway ramps, and also to reflect the overall coordination between transit and traffic management services (including provision for transit vehicle location data to be passed to the Manage Traffic and the Provide Driver and Traveler Services function as traffic probe information).

There are 7 processes subordinate to this collection, all of which are themselves collections of lower level processes:

1) Operate Transit Vehicles and Facilities (4.1)
2) Plan and Schedule Transit Services (4.2)
3) Schedule Transit Maintenance (4.3)
4) Support Transit Security and Coordination (4.4)
5) Generate Transit Vehicle Operator Schedules (4.5)
6) Collect Transit Fares in the Vehicle (4.6)
7) Provide Traveler Roadside Facilities (4.7)

Parent Collection: 0 - Manage Connected Vehicles

Child Collections needed for CVRIA: