9.3 - Manage Work Zones

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Manage Work Zones facility within the Manage Maintenance and Construction function. These processes control activity in the work zone, collect and disseminate information about work zones to other agencies, monitor vehicle speeds through the work zone, and detect vehicle intrusion into the work zone. Work zone activity is managed, including control of roadside and maintenance and construction vehicle work zone devices. Crew movements are monitored and alerts issued if a crew member approaches the work zone boundary. Information about work zone activity, including status and other data, is collected, analyzed, and disseminated to other agencies. Individual vehicle speed through the work zone is monitored, and speed is enforced by reporting violations to traffic management or maintenance and construction management agencies, or posting on driver information devices such as dynamic message signs.
Vehicle intrusions into the work zone are detected and crew alerts are issued.

The processes in this collection and they are all themselves collections of processes:

1) Control Work Zone Activity (9.3.1)
2) Manage Work Zone Data (9.3.2)
3) Manage Vehicle Speed (9.3.3)
4) Manage WZ Intrusion Warning (9.3.4)

Parent Collection: 9 - Manage Maintenance and Construction

Child Collections needed for CVRIA: