3.1 - Monitor Vehicle Status

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Monitor Vehicle Status facility within the Provide Vehicle Monitoring and Control function. The processes in this facility monitor vehicle operation, driver performance, and data provided from the roadway on which the vehicle is operating. This data is used to generate messages for output to the driver and may also provide input to the vehicle control facilities for automatic action.

There are 7 processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) in this collection:

1) Produce Collision and Crash Avoidance Data (3.1.1)
2) Carry-out Safety Analysis (3.1.2)
3) Process Vehicle On-board Data (3.1.3)
4) Communicate with Remote Vehicles (3.1.4)
5) Manage Vehicle Fueling and Charging Systems (3.1.5)
6) Provide Vehicle Acceleration and Deceleration Inputs (3.1.6)
7) Process Vehicle Emissions Status (3.1.7)

Parent Collection: 3 - Provide Vehicle Monitoring and Control