4.1 - Operate Transit Vehicles and Facilities

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Operate Transit Vehicles and Facilities feature for the Manage Transit function. They provide information on the current state of operation of transit vehicles, and how they are performing against the schedules. These processes collect operational data from transit vehicles for use by other facilities in the Manage Transit and other ITS functions, and for the management of the deviation of transit vehicles from their schedules. This function includes sending transit probe and vehicle location data to the Manage Traffic function and receiving data concerning current incidents in the roadway that affect transit operations.

There are 8 processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) that comprise this collection:

1) Process On-Board Systems Data (4.1.1)
2) Determine Transit Vehicle Service Status (4.1.2)
3) Provide Transit Vehicle Location Data (4.1.3)
4) Manage Transit Vehicle Deviations (4.1.4)
5) Provide Transit Vehicle Status and Probe Information (4.1.5)
6) Manage Transit Vehicle Operations (4.1.6)
7) Provide Transit Advisory Interface on Vehicle (4.1.7)
8) Manage Individual Service Requests (4.1.8)

Parent Collection: 4 - Manage Transit