4.2 - Plan and Schedule Transit Services

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Plan and Schedule Transit Services facility within the Manage Transit function. The term "transit services" is used as the collective name for transit routes and schedules. These processes provide the management of the route planning and scheduling of both regular and demand responsive transit services. The generation of new regular transit routes and schedules is done at the request of the transit operations personnel and takes into account the operational data plus input from a variety of other sources. New schedules can be generated separately from routes, and can be produced in response to inputs from parking lots if a change to the current static parking lot information service is needed. The new routes and services are made available to this and other ITS functions, plus external agencies. The generation of demand responsive transit services is provided in response to requests from the Provide Driver and Traveler Services function. The services will be personalized to suit the traveler's request and will make use of regular transit services where possible.

There are 5 processes in this collection and 2 are collections themselves. The others are lower level Process Specifications (PSpecs) that are assigned to Physical Objects in the CVRIA physical view.

1) Provide Demand Responsive Transit Service (4.2.1)
2) Provide Transit Plans Store Interface (PSpec 4.2.2)
3) Generate Transit Routes and Schedules (4.2.3)
4) Manage Transit Archive Data (PSpec 4.2.4)
5) Generate Transit Vehicle Schedule Assignments (PSpec 4.2.5)

Parent Collection: 4 - Manage Transit

Child Collections needed for CVRIA: