1.1.2 - Process and Store Traffic Data

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Process Traffic Data for Storage facility within the Manage Traffic function. These processes analyze collected data, distribute it to other facilities in the function, and store the data, together with that provided by other facilities. Processed sensor data is sent to other processes within the Manage Traffic function. High occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane operation is monitored and violators reported. Data from on-board vehicle devices and sensors and probe information from other centers are processed here to determine link travel times. Vehicle-originated environmental sensor data is processed to determine roadway hazards ready for output to other vehicles. An interface with Traffic Operational Personnel allows them to control environmental sensors locally and remotely.

There are twelve processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) in this collection:

1) Process Traffic Data for Storage (
2) Process Traffic Data (
3) Update Data Source Static Data (
4) Monitor HOV lane use (
5) Process Traffic Situation and Sensor Data (
6) Process Collected Vehicle Safety Data (
7) Monitor Reversible Lanes (
8) Process Roadway Environmental Data (
9) Monitor Dynamic Lanes (
10) Provide Dynamic Lane Management (
11) Control Dynamic Lanes (
12) Monitor Dynamic Lane Usage (

Parent Collection: 1.1 - Provide Traffic Surveillance