3.3 - Provide Automatic Emergency Notification

This page shows the collection of processes that provide the Provide Automatic Emergency Notification facility within the Provide Vehicle Monitoring and Control function. The processes in this facility enable the vehicle to automatically inform the Manage Emergency Services function of its involvement in an incident. Automatic emergency notification is provided in the event of an accident regardless of driver condition. Vehicle location and identity are also provided automatically. These processes are designed to enable notification of an accident or other kind of emergency involving any combination of the driver, the vehicle, cargo, or passengers, to be sent as soon as possible to the Manage Emergency Services function.

There are 2 processes defined as Process Specifications (PSpecs) in this collection:

1) Provide Communications Function (3.3.1)
2) Build Automatic Collision Notification Message (3.3.2)

Parent Collection: 3 - Provide Vehicle Monitoring and Control