6 - Provide Driver and Traveler Services

This page shows the collection of processes that make up multimodal trip planning, route guidance, and advisory functions for all types of travelers and drivers. The driver interface to the Provide Vehicle Monitoring and Control functions is provided, as is that to other functions, to enable advisory information to be output to both drivers and travelers. Both centralized dynamic and autonomous modes of on-line guidance are provided for drivers and travelers. 511 traveler information systems are supported. Travelers are provided with wide area alerts for natural and man-made disasters.

There are 11 processes in this collection and 9 are collections of lower level processes themselves. The other is a lower level Process Specification (PSpec) that is assigned to a Physical Object in the CVRIA physical view.

1) Provide Trip Planning Services (6.1)
2) Collect Traveler Information Services Data (6.2)
3) Provide Traveler Services at Kiosks (6.3)
4) Manage Ridesharing (6.4)
5) Provide Traveler Information Services (6.5)
6) Provide Guidance and Routing Services (6.6)
7) Provide Driver Personal Services (6.7)
8) Provide Traveler Personal Services (6.8)
9) Manage Traveler Info Archive Data (PSpec 6.9)
10) Manage Traveler Profiles (PSpec 6.10)
11) Manage Wide Area Dissemination Services (6.11)

Parent Collection: 0 - Manage Connected Vehicles

Child Collections needed for CVRIA: