7 - Provide Electronic Payment Services

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Provide Electronic Payment Services function. This function is responsible for enabling drivers and travelers to pay for their journeys and for other services. It also collects charges for external traveler services and has an interface to the Manage Transit function for the management of fare collection plus advanced payment of fares and other services.

The key points about this function are as follows:
- Facilities are provided for non-stop toll, fare and parking lot charges collection;
- Drivers and travelers can pay for tolls, fares, parking lot charges in advance;
- Additionally travelers can only pay for yellow pages services in advance;
- Images of those making invalid payments are sent to the Provide Law Enforcement Allocation function;
- The only item of data required by the driver for toll or parking lot charges is an identity.

There are 7 processes subordinate to this collection, 6 of which are themselves collections of lower level processes:

1) Provide Electronic Toll Payment (7.1)
2) Provide Electronic Parking Payment (7.2)
3) Provide Electronic Fare Collection (7.3)
4) Carry-out Centralized Payments Processing (7.4)
5) Provide Payment Device Interfaces (7.5)
6) Provide Open Road or Usage Based Tolling (7.6)
7) Administer Multimodal Payments (PSpec 7.7)

Parent Collection: 0 - Manage Connected Vehicles

Child Collections needed for CVRIA: