6.6 - Provide Guidance and Routing Services

This page shows the collection of processes that make up the Provide Guidance and Routing Services facility in the Provide Driver and Traveler Services function. These processes select vehicle routes for a variety of applications using current, historical, and predicted traffic conditions.

The key points about the facility are as follows:
- Routes provided for trip planning, dynamic guidance and special uses (such as transport of vehicles carrying hazardous materials);
- Traveler routes and guidance may be multimodal using private cars, transit and other modes;
- Route selection takes into account current, historical, and predicted conditions obtained from the Manage Traffic and Manage Transit functions;
- Route details for commercial vehicles with unusual cargoes sent to the Manage Incidents facility.

There are 5 processes in this collection and one is a collection of lower level processes itself. The others are lower level Process Specifications (PSpecs) that are assigned to Physical Objects in the CVRIA physical view.

1) Provide Multimodal Route Selection (PSpec 6.6.1)
2) Select Vehicle Route (6.6.2)
3) Provide Operator Interface for Route Parameters (PSpec 6.6.3)
4) Select Transit Route (PSpec 6.6.4)
5) Select Other Routes (PSpec 6.6.5)

Parent Collection: 6 - Provide Driver and Traveler Services

Child Collection needed for CVRIA: